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Facial feminization surgery

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What is facial feminization surgery?

Facial feminization surgery, also known as FFS, is a set of procedures designed to help people look more feminine.  It is most commonly associated with persons undergoing gender confirmation surgery, but can also be used to help women reduce masculine facial features.  The face usually provides the first visual clues that people have regarding the gender of an individual.  Other body areas can be hidden or exaggerated to appear more feminine, but facial feminization surgery can help to establish feminine features on the face.

Differences between the female and male face

There are many important differences between male and female facial characteristics.  The face of women tends to be heart shaped with a more pointed chin, whereas men tend to have square faces with square shaped chins.  Men also have foreheads which slope backward and have a prominent ridge above the eyebrows.  Females, in comparison, do not have an obvious bony ridge above the brows, and their foreheads are flatter.  The hairline in females sits lower than that in males.  The feminine eyebrow sits higher and is arched, as compared to the male eyebrow which is flatter and lower.  The female nose is smaller, shorter, and angles up more at the tip.  Since women’s cheekbones are a little higher, their cheeks are fuller and more rounded.  The distance between the base of the nose and the top of the lip is usually shorter in females.  The jawline in women is rounder and narrower when compared to men.  Finally, the Adam’s apple is rarely visible in females.

Facial feminization procedures

There are a wide range of facial feminization surgery procedures available. These procedures usually involve the bones and soft tissues of the face and neck.  Some of these procedures are commonly performed cosmetic surgeries, while others are specific to facial feminization.  Scalp advancement can be performed to lower the hairline.  The ridge above the eyebrows can be shaved down to give it a flatter profile.  If this is not sufficient, then sometimes a bone-filler is applied to other areas of the forehead to give it a flatter appearance.  The eyebrows are repositioned higher as part of a brow liftRhinoplasty can alter the profile of the nose to appear more feminine.  Cheek implants or bone-filler can be utilized to give the cheeks a rounder, fuller look.  The distance between the nose and the upper lip is shortened by removing a section of skin.  The shape of the chin can be altered with either chin implants or bone-filler to give the chin a narrower, more pointed look.  A jaw shave procedure can reduce the width of the jaw, giving it a rounder, more feminine appearance.  Tracheal shaving, or thyroid cartilage reduction, can reduce the size of the Adam’s removing some of the thyroid cartilage in the most prominent area of the neck.

The particular techniques used in facial feminization surgery depends on the needs and goals of the individual undergoing transformation.  Some people have more masculine facial characteristics than others.  Whether it is a person undergoing gender confirmation surgery or someone seeking to look less masculine, facial feminization surgery can provide a more feminine, refined look to their facial appearance.

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