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Hand Rejuvenation In Beverly Hills, CA

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Hand Rejuvenation

The hands are one of the first places on the body where the tell-tale signs of aging become apparent. While most people are focused on keeping their face and neck looking youthful, sun-damaged, veiny, and wrinkled hands can make you appear older than you are.

Dr. Josef Hadeed offers hand rejuvenation procedures that help transform the appearance of your hands, decrease wrinkling, conceal prominent tendons and veins, and improve the quality and texture of your skin.

In What Ways Can The Appearance Of Our Hands Be Improved?

Restored Volume

We all lose volume in our hands over time, leading to thinning skin and the prominence of veins. Lost volume on the backs of the hands can be achieved using non-surgical dermal fillers or minimally invasive fat grafting.

Improved Elasticity

Sun damage and the aging process lead to the loss of elasticity in the dermis of our hands, causing loose skin and wrinkles. Depending on your situation, Dr. Hadeed may use a surgical technique, a non-surgical method, or a combination of both.

Fewer Discolorations

Skin blemishes and discoloration, such as dark spots from sun exposure and other causes on the back of hands, are common. Dr. Hadeed typically recommends a chemical peel to reverse these signs of aging to achieve more even-toned and smooth skin.

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How Is Hand Rejuvenation Performed In Beverly Hills?

Dermal Fillers & Fat Grafting

Injectable dermal filler treatments can fill the depressed areas of the hand to restore volume and create a smoother skin surface. Hyaluronic acid fillers are often used, but Dr. Hadeed also offers RADIESSE®, which stimulates collagen growth and often offers longer-lasting results.

Dr. Hadeed also offers fat transfer treatments to restore volume to aging hands. This minimally invasive method collects unwanted fat (from the abdomen, hips, or thighs) via liposuction to transfer to the hands.

Fat transfer is known to provide longer-lasting results than dermal fillers.

Chemical Peel

Chemical peels are used to address the tone and texture of the hands. This procedure calls for a chemical solution to be applied to the back of your hands to resurface the skin. Dr. Hadeed carefully observes the changes in your skin and neutralizes the chemical solution after an appropriate time has elapsed and the desired results are achieved.

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Plastic Surgery

Sometimes, Dr. Hadeed may recommend the removal of excess skin, usually when the hands have very loose, wrinkled skin. If surgery is necessary, Dr. Hadeed will make an incision on the back of your hand, then remove all of the excess skin, and suture it back together, leaving the back of your hands with a smoother contour.

Have Concerns About Hand Rejuvenation?

How Long Is Recovery After Hand Rejuvenation?

Non-surgical hand rejuvenation treatments are minimally invasive and require little to no downtime.

Surgical techniques require a longer recovery period. Most patients experience some general discomfort with swelling, bruising, and redness at the beginning of the healing phase. Pain medication may be prescribed to help you recover more comfortably.

Any activities that may stress the incision area or lead to injury should be avoided until your healing is complete. Follow Dr. Hadeed’s post-operative instructions after surgery and attend all follow-up appointments to ensure a successful outcome.

How Much Does Hand Rejuvenation Cost?

This treatment can vary significantly in price. A consultation is always required to receive the best treatment plan and learn the cost.

How Long Do Hand Rejuvenation Results Last?

Depending on the treatments used, results may last several months to several years.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hand Rejuvenation

  • Where is hand rejuvenation treatment performed?

    Hand rejuvenation procedures are performed in the office for those who choose dermal fillers or a chemical peel. If you decide to have fat transfer, or if you require removal of excess skin, then an outpatient surgery will be necessary.

  • How does fat transfer work?

    After liposuction, the harvested fat cells are placed in a centrifuge to separate the damaged fat cells and extra fluid from the whole, intact fat cells, which will be used for reinjection. Plasma may be obtained from your blood and added to the fat cells during this step to obtain the benefits of growth factors found in plasma. Finally, the fat is re-injected into your body very slowly and carefully to ensure consistent results.

    Usually, your hands will be swollen and bruised after surgery, and they may be stiff. If you have fat transfer, the donor site may also be sore. You may be asked to wear a compression glove after surgery to help with the swelling.

  • How long does it take to recover from fat transfer to the hands?

    Most people can resume full activities within a few days. You may be required to wear a compression glove.

  • How long does it take to recover from surgical rejuvenation of the hands?

    Recovery time is usually about a week but will depend on the specific procedures being performed.

  • How soon are the results from fat transfer visible?

    Although most results are noticeable within a few days, it typically takes about six weeks to see the final result. You can expect your hands to appear softer, fuller, and younger, giving them a rejuvenated and refreshed appearance.

  • How soon are the results from injectable fillers like RADIESSE® visible?

    Results from RADIESSE® start to become visible immediately, with most results appearing five to seven days after treatment. These results can last over one year. Since fillers like RADIESSE® stimulate collagen production, results are gradual.

  • Can hand rejuvenation be used as a gender identity procedure?

    Yes, Dr. Hadeed performs many gender identity surgeries and can add hand rejuvenation to almost any treatment plan.

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