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Buried Penis Surgery In Beverly Hills

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Hidden Penis Correction

A hidden or buried penis is a condition where the penis is concealed within the surrounding skin. This can be a source of great embarrassment and loss of self-esteem for a man. There are many causes of a buried penis, including genetics, overly aggressive circumcision, and chronic inflammation. However, the most common cause of a hidden penis is obesity.

As men gain weight, the skin of the lower abdomen and pubic area often descends. This conceals the penis under excess skin and fat. As a result, visible penile length can be lost. Men affected by buried penis syndrome can suffer from urinary tract infections, voiding (urination) difficulties, and erectile dysfunction.

A concealed penis can be a difficult problem to treat. Dr. Hadeed has specialized training and extensive experience in the correction of this condition.

What Can Buried Penis Surgery Do?

Prevent Chronic Conditions

As fat descends over the penis, a moist environment develops, which can allow bacterial and fungal growths. Recurring infections and chronic inflammation may lead to scar formation, worsening the issue of penis concealment.

Reveal Hidden Penile Length

When the penis is hidden by the surrounding skin, it is not gone but difficult to see. Buried penis correction trims back loose skin and allows the natural length of the penis to become visible. This can lead to increased self-confidence.

Correct Circumcisions

Some men experience a hidden penis due to a mistake made during their circumcision. This can cause the skin to rise over the penis or cause scar tissue to obscure its length. Buried penis surgery can correct these concerns for patients of any age.

During your consultation, Dr. Hadeed will listen to your concerns and discuss your treatment options. He will then determine a surgical plan to best meet your needs and improve the visibility of your penis.

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How Is A Buried Penis Corrected?

Buried Penis Surgery

Corrective surgery for buried penis syndrome is usually performed under general anesthesia.

Dr. Hadeed will start by removing the excess tissue from your lower abdominal and pubic areas. This may involve using liposuction for fat removal and/or techniques similar to tummy tuck surgery for skin removal. As excess skin and fat are eliminated, the penis should become fully visible.

In some cases, excess tissue from the scrotum may need to be removed. Dr. Hadeed will then elevate the pubic region, giving it a more defined, youthful look.

If the skin on your penis is scarred, a skin graft may be necessary. Skin grafts will replace the scarred skin with new skin. This will ensure that scar tissue does not inhibit the movement or functionality of the penis.

The improvement in both penile and pubic appearance is dramatic after the surgery. Most men with urination difficulties and erectile dysfunction experience an improvement in these symptoms shortly after surgery.

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How much does buried penis correction cost?

The cost of hidden penis correction surgery can vary depending on the following:

  • The complexity of the procedure
  • The fees associated with the surgeon
  • Fees associated with other medical professionals involved with the procedure (such as the anesthesiologist)
  • Fees charged by the surgical facility

Buried Penis Surgery Recovery And Results

How Long Will My Penis Surgery Recovery Take?

Some patients may need to stay in the hospital for one or two nights after the procedure. Patients will likely require significant assistance with daily tasks for the first two or three days.

Most patients will need to take one to two weeks off from work and four to six weeks off from more rigorous activities. Patients should refrain from sexual intercourse until cleared by their surgeon.

Does Hidden Penis Correction Hurt?

The surgery to correct a buried penis is performed under general anesthesia to alleviate any patient discomfort. However, once the anesthesia wears off after surgery, patients can expect moderate discomfort because the pubic and penile areas have a significant amount of nerves. Some patients will require prescription medications to manage the pain during their recovery.

Will My Penis Surgery Leave Scars?

Some scarring is inevitable following penile corrective surgery. However, these scars are usually less intrusive than the conditions the operation corrects.

What Are The Results Of Penis Correction Surgery?

The results of penile corrective surgery can be dramatic. Many men find it easier to maintain their genital hygiene and that their pubic area looks better. The penis will also become fully visible, and erections should no longer be concealed by excess fat or skin.

Frequently Asked Questions About Buried Penis Surgery

  • Am I a good candidate for a hidden penis correction procedure?

    If you are dealing with a penis concealed by excess skin, scar tissue, or fat, you are a potential candidate for hidden penis correction. Ideal patients will have no medical conditions that may complicate the operation or recovery.

  • Will this procedure make my penis longer?

    Hidden penis corrective surgery is not the same as penis reduction surgery, penis enlargement surgery, or correction of a micro penis. This is a penis plastic surgery designed to correct specific concerns and make the penis more visible, but it will not enlarge or shrink your penis directly.

  • Are the results of buried penis correction permanent?

    The results of penis correction surgery are relatively permanent. Scar tissue removed from the phallus will not return. The excess skin and fat removed during the procedure are gone forever. However, if a patient gains significant weight, new fat deposits and skin sagging may occur. For this reason, Dr. Hadeed suggests maintaining a stable weight following your operation.

  • Can my penis surgery be combined with other surgeries?

    Patients can combine their corrective penis surgery with other plastic surgeries if desired. Liposuction treatments and body lift surgery are the most common procedures combined with buried penis correction.

  • What are the risks associated with hidden penis correction surgery?

    Dr. Hadeed is well-trained and experienced in buried penis correction surgery, but some risks cannot be entirely removed. These may include:

    • Swelling and discomfort in the penile area
    • Painful erections following the surgery
    • Nerve damage or loss of sensation
    • Unfavorable scarring

    While the risk of these complications is low, patients should be aware of them before undergoing surgery.

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