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Brow Lift Beverly Hills

An eyebrow lift, or forehead lift, can restore the eyebrows back to their natural position. As we age, gravity and the loss of skin tone may cause the eyebrows to droop, resulting in a tired or older appearance. The procedure improves not only the appearance of the forehead but the eyelids as well. Sometimes, an eyebrow lift can be performed with other facial rejuvenation procedures to help give you a more youthful look.

The eyebrows can be restored to their natural position in a number of ways. During your consultation, Dr. Hadeed will evaluate the severity and underlying cause of your problem and then work with you to determine a surgical plan to help give you the results you hope to achieve.

There are many techniques available to perform an eyebrow lift. Dr. Hadeed will pick a technique based on the amount of eyebrow drooping, the position of your hairline, and your individual goals.

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In the traditional brow lift, the incision will be placed from one ear to the other, extending up into the hairline. Although this method allows for the most amount of lift and removal of excess skin, it has lost its popularity due to the position of the scars. In select cases, however, it remains a very effective method.

An endoscopic brow lift involves making several small incisions behind the hairline. With the use of a small camera, Dr. Hadeed is able to visualize the muscles of the forehead. He will then lift the forehead skin and remove excess fat and muscle responsible for wrinkles and sagging eyebrows, in order to produce the desired aesthetic results. No skin is removed in this technique, and is more suited for patients who do not require removal of excess skin.

In a limited incision lift, or lateral brow lift, Dr. Hadeed will make small incisions concealed within the hairline along the temples. He will then lift the skin and remove any excess skin from along the lateral portions of the forehead. Since this technique only addresses the lateral areas of the brows, it is best in helping to improve the appearance of lateral eyelid droop and crow’s feet, but will not raise the middle or inner portions of the brow.

Eyebrow lift surgery is usually performed under general anesthesia as an outpatient procedure. The particular technique that Dr. Hadeed uses will depend upon your individual needs. After the surgery you may have small bandages or ointment covering your incisions. Most people have a moderate amount of swelling and bruising after surgery, which typically resolves within a week. The result is a younger, more energized look to your upper face.

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