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Patient Reviews for Dr. Josef Hadeed

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“I knew I was in excellent hands”
5 Star Rating
My experience with Dr. Hadeed exceeded my expectations! Not only am I incredibly happy and satisfied with my surgery results, I was very impressed by his warmth, expertise, and professionalism. I had contemplated undergoing a breast augmentation for most of my adult life, but particularly after having children. Finding a doctor who I felt comfortable with and trusted were paramount to me, and I felt at ease the moment I walked into Dr. Hadeed’s office. He and his entire staff are very friendly, kind, and personable. I received the right amount of information, didn’t feel any pressure, and appreciated the collaborative nature of our appointments. I knew I was in excellent hands. I am beyond satisfied with my experience from beginning to end- the consultation, surgery, recovery, and of course the results! I highly recommend Dr. Hadeed to anyone who is considering plastic surgery.

by S.L.

“I love the way everything looks”
5 Star Rating
I don’t have a great deal of experience with surgeons as the only previous surgery I’ve had was an appendectomy – and that doctor I did not get to choose. Because of this I was very scared and pretty much lost when it came to finding a surgeon for my top surgery (double incision with free nipple graft). I sent out a few inquiries to different offices around the LA area. Most of the places replied back but the reply from Nicole from Dr. Hadeed’s office stood out the most. I was planning on following up with all of them but once I got into the office and met Dr. Hadeed I knew I didn’t need to do that.

I had my free consultation during my first visit. Photos and measurements were taken. Then I wrestled with my insurance to approve the surgery since it was out of network. I think I waited almost two months for it to be approved. Believe me, it was well worth it. When it finally was approved, Dr. Hadeed got me an appointment super fast.

Dr. Hadeed was with me every step of the way, addressing concerns by email. During the first few weeks of recovery I had some issues arise that were mainly caused by paranoia – mostly because this was my first major surgery and anything that seemed odd to me scared me. For example, I had drains put in for the first few days after surgery. One of the drains wasn’t really collecting much fluid. I emailed Dr. Hadeed and he told me to come see him the next day – this was two days after my surgery and two days before my follow up appointment. We went into the office, on a Sunday no less, and he took a look at everything and told me I was okay. He literally took time out of his day just to ease my mind! This happened twice (for different reasons) – I had two, free “mind easing” appointments! I’m not sure of many doctors who would do that.

My scars are healing great. I love the way everything looks. I feel like a different person already. I can’t wait until I’m able to go swimming or walk around on the beach with no shirt on and feel like a normal person. And this is all thanks to Dr. Hadeed!

by C.R.

“Dr Josef Hadeed was amazing!”
5 Star Rating
Dr Josef Hadeed was amazing! From scheduling my consultation, to my surgery date, all the way to my 2month post op check up! After hearing nothing but good about him, I knew if I was able to, I wanted him to do my procedure. I live in a tiny town in Arizona, about a 6 hour drive from his Beverly Hills office. After getting the green light for my procedure from my health insurance, I was in a race to have it completed before year end. My wife called and scheduled my consult, which turned into preop as well since I was driving a distance to get to him. Within a week of that, I got the amazing news that we had a surgery date less than a month away!! He made me feel so comfortable every time we spoke. He took the time to fully explain everything to my wife before I went into the OR. When I came out, he told me exactly what to expect and what to do. Explained everything to my mother in law, who would be my caretaker for the initial 7days of recovery. At my 7 day post op, my big reveal day… I was ecstatic!! I had seen the procedure done on many friends, their outcome did not look as amazing as mine! The weirdest feeling I’ve ever had in my life was feeling, and seeing the drains being removed. You could actually see them moving under my skin as ge was pulling them out! I had the biggest smile on my face the entire time!! If I had any issues pop up at all, I just sent him an email and he responded immediately, no matter the time, to make sure I was ok. I cannot express my gratitude to Dr Hadeed enough. I am so forever grateful to him. He has helped me become the man on the outside I always knew I was on the inside. I would definitely and have recommended him to anyone who asks. I will sing his praises forever.

by C.S.

“Dr. Hadeed is the best!”
5 Star Rating
Dr. Hadeed is the best! He truly cares about his patients and makes every visit a pleasant one. Thank you for doing such amazing work. I would definitely recommend Dr. Hadeed to friends and family!

by V.M.

“I cannot say enough about the way he and his staff treated me”
5 Star Rating
I recently had a surgery performed by Dr. Hadeed. I cannot say enough about the way he and his staff treated me. From the very beginning through the end, they always made me feel comfortable and at ease. His office manager Nicole went out of her way to help me through the entire process. Dr. Hadeed does have an operating room located in his office which provided a very private experience and spa-like atmosphere on the day of my surgery. If you are considering Dr. Hadeed for your procedure, I recommend him without hesitation.

by J.M.

“Dr. Hadeed played a crucial role in my healing process”
5 Star Rating
To: Dr. Josef Hadeed Center for Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

Greetings Current & Future Patients,

I was at work when I received my biopsy results with the bad news. It was devastating to hear those words…..breast cancer. The double mastectomy, bi-lateral axillary lymph node removal & chemotherapy left me with a flat chest, a bald head, amenorrhea and devoid of hope. I no longer felt like a woman or even human.

Dr. Hadeed played a crucial role in my healing process. It isn’t just his qualifications, professionalism and knowledge of reconstructive surgery. It was also his willingness to sit down and explain to me my procedures and my options with the sincerest of bedside manners. I can now continue to live life to the fullest with my head held high in remission and with confidence.

Thank you, Dr. Hadeed, for my newly-found optimism towards my self-image and towards my life!

With Warmest of Regards
by A.C.

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