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Does Plastic Surgery Help You Get Ahead in the Workplace?

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There was a recent article that discussed the facial features that can give people a competitive edge in the workplace.  Survey subjects were shown pictures of various women who had facial plastic surgery.  Some of the survey subjects were shown before photos, and the other group were shown after photos.  Each subject was asked to evaluate the photos on 5 qualities that get people hired: being competitive, trustworthy, motivated, creative, and friendly.

Perhaps not surprisingly, the after photos received higher scores than the before photos.  There were three procedures in particular that had the most positive effect on competitive perception: cheek fillers, a nose job, and chin implants.  People who had cheek fillers had the most dramatic increase across all five qualities.  Interestingly, though, Botox, which is the most commonly performed non-surgical cosmetic procedure in the United States, had no effect on how people were judged in the workplace.

Does this mean that you should rush out and get plastic surgery procedures on your face?  Not exactly!  The findings of the study, though, does provide some interesting insight into whether a change in appearance can provide a competitive advantage in the workplace.  Oftentimes people will come into my office stating that they want to look younger so that they can have a perceived edge in their workplace.  I’ve even tailored the executive makeover for men who want to look younger and feel better about themselves at work, all because of the demand I’ve been getting in the office!  The bottom line is that most people who are considering getting plastic surgery should aim to look refreshed and revitalized, not to try and look 20 years younger.  A rejuvenated look, along with the confidence that comes with it, combined with years of work experience can make anyone feel like they have a competitive edge at work!

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