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Hidden Penis Correction Beverly Hills

A hidden, or buried, penis is a condition wherein the penis is hidden or concealed within the folds of the skin. There are many causes of a hidden penis, including congenital causes, overly aggressive circumcision, chronic inflammation, and most commonly obesity. As men gain weight, the skin of the lower abdomen and pubic area descends, causing the penis to hide under the excess skin and fat. As a result, penile length is lost. Furthermore, as fat descends over the penis, a moist environment develops, which can be conducive to bacterial and fungal growth. Recurring infections and chronic inflammation may lead to scar formation, further exacerbating the problem. Men affected by this can suffer from urinary tract infections, voiding difficulties, and erectile dysfunction.

A hidden penis can be a source of great embarrassment and loss of self-esteem to a man. It is also considered a difficult problem to treat. Dr. Hadeed has had specialized training in the correction this condition. During your consultation, Dr. Hadeed will listen to your concerns and will discuss the treatment options. He will then determine a surgical plan that will best meet your needs and help restore the penis to its normal location.

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The surgery is typically performed as either an inpatient or outpatient procedure, depending on the complexity of the reconstruction. During the surgery, Dr. Hadeed will start by removing the excess skin and fat from your lower abdominal and pubic area. He will then elevate the pubic region, giving it a more defined, youthful look. If the skin on your penis is scarred, a skin graft may be necessary to replace the scarred skin with normal skin. The improvement in both penile and pubic appearance is dramatic after the surgery, and most men find that their symptoms of voiding difficulties and erectile dysfunction improve.

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