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Wrinkles are an unfortunate part of the aging process. Normal everyday expressions such as smiling, frowning, laughing and squinting can eventually cause wrinkles to form. The continuous movement of facial muscles causes creasing and folding of the skin, resulting in fine lines. Eventually, these fine lines become true wrinkles. The only way to prevent a wrinkle from forming is to relax the underlying muscle, restricting its movement. The skin is then allowed to relax to a more natural, youthful position. It takes meticulous precision and skill to achieve a natural look when having wrinkle-reducing injections, which is why it is important to have a board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Hadeed perform your injections.

Botulinum toxin, a purified substance derived from bacteria, is the most effective way to prevent and reduce wrinkles. There are several botulinum toxins on the market, including Botox, Dysport and Xeomin. Each botulinum toxin works by temporarily paralyzing facial muscles that cause wrinkles. This prevents the development and deepening of wrinkles in the forehead, crow’s feet, and frown lines.

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There are several reasons why a person may choose to have botulinum toxin injections, such as:

  • Frown lines between the brows
  • Forehead creases
  • Laugh lines by the eyes (“crow’s feet”)
  • Creases under the eyes
  • “Bunny lines” created by wrinkling your nose
  • Smoothing out neck lines

During your consultation, Dr. Hadeed will listen to your concerns and will help determine a treatment plan that best addresses your individual needs. He may also recommend other injectable fillers to achieve the facial rejuvenation and wrinkle reduction that you desire. During your treatment, Dr. Hadeed will clean your face, numb the skin with an anesthetic, and inject the appropriate amount of Botox, Dysport or Xeomin to help you achieve wrinkle reduction while maintaining a natural look to your face. The treatment session will last about 20 minutes, and most patients may return to normal activities immediately. Some people can develop mild bruising and swelling at the injection sites, which typically last several days to a week. Most people notice the effects within 2 weeks, and the results last approximately 3 months, at which point repeat injections may be necessary.

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