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Skin Cancer Reconstruction Beverly Hills

Skin cancer surgery can potentially result in the loss of a significant amount of skin. Mohs Micrographic Surgery is a highly specialized procedure that removes all of the cancerous cells from the skin while preserving the greatest amount of normal tissue. Often, the skin is able to be sutured back together after the Mohs surgeon ensures that all of the tumor has been removed. In some instances, however, patients may have significant defects on their faces after Mohs surgical procedures. In these cases, a plastic surgeon may have to reconstruct the defect in order to restore form and function to the face.

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Dr. Hadeed has extensive experience and training on reconstruction of facial deficits after Mohs surgery. There are many different techniques available for the reconstruction of defects of the face, including:

  • Complex skin closure: The adjacent tissues may have to be mobilized in order to reduce tension on the wound closure, and the wound will be closed in multiple layers.
  • Skin grafts: Skin from one area of the body may be transferred onto the defect.
  • Skin flaps: Skin and underlying tissue from an area adjacent to the defect is recruited into the wound. This allows the benefit of using skin that is most similar to the skin that was removed from the Mohs surgery, and oftentimes the scars can be concealed within the natural crease lines of the face.
  • Cartilage grafts: Sometimes the cartilage in the nose has to be removed during the Mohs surgery. Without the support of the cartilage, the nostrils will collapse. Donor cartilage from either the septum of the nose or the ear is required in these instances to reconstruct the defect, along with a skin flap to cover the cartilage.
  • Biological materials: There are numerous biological materials that can be used as an adjunct to the surgical techniques employed. Biological materials can help expedite the healing of the wound.

Mohs reconstruction can be performed as an office-based or an outpatient procedure, depending on the level of complexity of the reconstruction that is required. Dr. Hadeed utilizes specific geometric techniques to minimize the amount of visible scarring during your procedure. You may expect to have swelling and bruising for several weeks, although the amount of discomfort is generally low. The sutures usually remain in place for 7-10 days. You will notice changes in the appearance of the reconstruction over the initial few months, and the final results are typically noticed after one year, at which point the amount of scarring is usually inconspicuous.

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