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Ear Pinning Beverly Hills

Ear pinning surgery, or otoplasty, is a corrective surgery design to address overly large or prominent ears. Many people with oversized ears are often embarrassed and can lack in self-esteem. By performing corrective surgery and reducing the size of the ear, Dr. Hadeed is able to help patients achieve the look they desire while boosting their self-confidence.

Prominent ears are usually caused by an excess of cartilage in the ears that develops in utero. During your consultation, Dr. Hadeed will evaluate you and determine your goals and expectations, and then determine a surgical plan that best meets your needs.

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Ear pinning surgery is typically performed under general anesthesia as an outpatient procedure. During the surgery, Dr. Hadeed will typically conceal the incision behind the ear. He will then remove the excess cartilage and in some cases, he will place internal permanent sutures to hold the ear closer to the head. He will then sculpt and reposition the ears to bring balance and proportion to your face. You will have to wear a light compression dressing on your head immediately after surgery. Results are almost immediate and are apparent when the dressings that support the new shape of the ear during the initial phases of healing are removed. Most patients are able to return to work in 2 weeks.

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