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Breast Reconstruction Beverly Hills

For a lot of women, a diagnosis of breast cancer can be psychologically traumatizing. Unfortunately, most women who are undergoing a partial or complete mastectomy are not aware that they have options to reconstruct and restore the breast. Breast reconstruction has been shown to improve a woman’s quality of life mastectomy by restoring her sense of femininity. If you are considering breast reconstruction, Dr. Hadeed will discuss your concerns with you and explain the details of breast reconstruction surgery. He will work with you and your other physicians, including your breast surgeon and oncologist, to determine a surgical plan that best suits your individual needs to create the results that you desire.

There are two main options for breast reconstruction, including using breast implants (also called implant based reconstruction) and utilizing your body’s own tissues (also called autologous reconstruction). Each options has its own inherent set of advantages and disadvantages. There are several other factors which must be considered, including a woman’s body type, history of previous abdominal surgeries, and the need for chemotherapy and/or radiation after mastectomy. Dr. Hadeed will make sure to discuss these with you in great detail. He also believes that breast reconstruction is highly personal to each women, and encourages them to be active decision makers in the reconstructive process.

If you choose to have implants to reconstruct the breast, this is typically performed in two stages. At the time of the mastectomy, a device called a tissue expander will be placed underneath your chest muscles. After a waiting period of several weeks, when Dr. Hadeed is confident that your incisions have healed, he will start to add saline to the tissue expanders during your visits to his office. As he adds volume to the tissue expanders, the skin on your chest will gradually start to expand. After you are satisfied with the size of the breasts, you will need a second surgery to remove the tissue expanders and replace them with breast implants. As with cosmetic breast augmentation, you can choose either saline or silicone implants. Most women choose to use silicone implants because they more closely resemble the look and feel of natural breasts.

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Some women choose to undergo autologous breast reconstruction by using their own body’s tissues. This is also usually performed at the time of the mastectomy, although Dr. Hadeed will typically delay the reconstruction in women who need radiation after surgery. This form of reconstruction, by using your body’s own tissues, usually results in a more natural look than what can be achieved with implants. Dr. Hadeed performs a revolutionary type of breast reconstruction that uses your body’s own tissues. These tissue are transferred from another part of your body, usually the lower abdomen, up to your chest. During this highly delicate surgery, the tiny blood vessels from the donor tissues are reattached to the recipient blood vessels in the mastectomy site using a microscope. Although the recovery time for this procedure is longer, the results tend to be longer-lasting than with implant based reconstruction.

Regardless of which type of reconstruction option is chosen, the nipple and areola are reconstructed after complete healing from the breast reconstruction procedures. Some women may also require or desire a procedure on their opposite breast to help achieve symmetry with the reconstructed breast. Most women who undergo breast reconstruction report a better sense of well-being compared to women who choose not to undergo breast reconstruction.

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