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Liposuction In Beverly Hills

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Liposuction Procedure

Many people develop stubborn fat deposits that prevent them from having their ideal slim figure. Although diet and exercise can help some people achieve their desired results, others may feel these methods do little to nothing when it comes to reaching their aesthetic goals. Liposuction can remove unwanted fat from nearly any area of the body to help patients achieve a more toned and lean appearance. Dr. Hadeed will make sure to create aesthetically pleasing contours that complement the natural shape of your body.

Achieved With Liposuction

Defined Contours

Liposuction can refine a patient’s overall figure to highlight the definition in their abdomen, hips, thighs, buttocks, arms, back, and neck. This procedure eliminates fat to create smoother, firmer body contours.

Customized Results

Many patients who are close to reaching their weight loss goal customize their liposuction procedure to target stubborn areas of fat. Fat in areas that are resistant to diet and exercise can be specifically targeted and permanently eliminated from the body.

Improved Self-Esteem

Patients who struggle with excess fat often feel insecure about their appearance. Liposuction can not only provide them with a slimmer and more attractive appearance, but it can also boost their confidence and self-esteem.

There are many liposuction techniques available to help you achieve your cosmetic goals. During your consultation, Dr. Hadeed will address your concerns, explain the details of your procedure, and determine a plan to suit your aesthetic needs.

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Your Liposuction Procedure


Liposuction is performed on an outpatient basis using an anesthetic solution. During your procedure, Dr. Hadeed will make several small incisions along the treated area and insert a small instrument called a cannula into the tissues. Then, the cannula will gently suction out the excess fat to produce a more aesthetically pleasing figure. Once the fat has been removed, the incisions are closed using sutures, and a sterile dressing and surgical tape will also be applied to the treated area.


Liposuction can be performed alongside the following surgical procedures to help you achieve optimal results:

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Concerns About Liposuction


Following your procedure, you will be asked to wear a compression garment to protect your new contours and help minimize swelling. Swelling and bruising will occur but should resolve after a few weeks; however, minor swelling may persist for up to one year. You may be able to return to work between one and two weeks after your surgery. Make sure you carefully follow all of Dr. Hadeed’s directions to ensure the best recovery and results possible.


You may experience some pain after your surgery. Dr. Hadeed will prescribe medication to minimize any discomfort you may have.


Dr. Hadeed will make sure to place incisions in inconspicuous locations during your liposuction procedure. Any scars that do form can be hidden under clothing and are likely to fade over time.


The cost of your procedure will vary based on certain factors that include anesthesia fees, surgical fees, and techniques used. Dr. Hadeed will provide you with a cost sheet during your consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Ideal candidates for liposuction must have stable body weight and also be non-smokers. Good skin elasticity is also important to ensure long-lasting results.

  • Liposuction is permanent because it removes fat cells from the area being treated. However, liposuction is not a weight loss method, and the remaining fat cells in the treated area can grow. Adhering to a healthy diet and exercise program is important after your procedure, as substantial weight gain after surgery can negatively impact your results.

  • Most surgical procedures, including liposuction, are known to involve potential risks and side effects. These include:

    • Anesthesia risks
    • Bleeding
    • Infection
    • Fluid accumulation
    • Fat necrosis
    • Need for revision surgery
    • Change in skin sensation
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