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Hand Rejuvenation Beverly Hills

Hands are one of the first places on the body where the telltale signs of aging become obvious. While most people are focused on keeping their face and neck looking youthful, hands that are sun-damaged, veiny, and wrinkled can make you appear older than you are. Hand rejuvenation procedures transform the appearance of your hands, decrease wrinkling and conceal prominent tendons and veins, while improving the quality and texture of your skin. Dr. Hadeed’s expertise in these hand rejuvenation procedures produces results that are natural and long lasting, restoring a more youthful appearance to your hands.

During your consultation, Dr. Hadeed will listen to your concerns and explain the details of hand rejuvenation with you. In most cases, volume replacement will be necessary. Volume replacement to rejuvenate your hands can be accomplished with either dermal fillers or fat injections. Dermal fillers are typically injected in the office setting. A small needle is placed in your hand at multiple locations, and the dermal filler is slowly injected to conceal any protruding veins, tendons, or bones. Results will dermal fillers are typically short, lasting anywhere from 6-12 months. Fat grafting, on the other hand, takes fat from another part of your body and re-injects it into your hands. These results are usually more long-lasting, and can have the added benefit of improving the quality of your skin over time. To be performed successfully, fat transfer requires a surgeon with highly developed skills based on knowledge of the technique and experience.

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Although volume replacement procedures are minimally invasive, in certain instances Dr. Hadeed may recommend removal of excess skin in cases where the hands have very loose, wrinkled skin. If this is necessary, Dr. Hadeed will make an incision on the back of your hand, remove all of the excess skin, and then suture the skin back together, leaving the back of your hands with a smoother contour. Some people have fine wrinkles, skin discoloration, sun damage, or age spots on the back of their hands. Dr. Hadeed might recommend a chemical peel to reverse these signs of aging. During this process, a chemical solution is applied to the back of your hands with a cotton pad. Dr. Hadeed will then carefully observe any changes in the appearance of your skin, and then neutralize the chemical solution after an appropriate amount of time has elapsed.

For patients who choose to have dermal fillers and/or a chemical peel, the hand rejuvenation procedures are performed in the office. If you decide to have fat transfer, or if you require removal of excess skin, then an outpatient surgery will be necessary. Dr. Hadeed will spin the harvested fat in a centrifuge to separate the damaged fat cells and extra fluid from the whole, intact fat cells which will be used for reinjection. Dr. Hadeed will sometimes add plasma obtained from your own blood to the fat cells during this step to obtain the benefits of growth factors found in plasma. Finally, the fat is re-injected back into your body very slowly and carefully to ensure consistent results. Usually your hands will be swollen and bruised after surgery, and they may be stiff. If you have fat transfer, the donor site may be sore as well. You may be asked to wear a compression glove to your hands after surgery to help with the swelling. Most people are able to resume full activities within several days. Although results are noticeable within a few days, it typically takes about six weeks to see the more final result. You can expect your hands to appear softer and fuller, giving them a rejuvenated and refreshed appearance.

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